Should we sell dreams or lies?

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It is so much to question the essence of marketing, as we know so well how to do it on this blog. You’ll notice that I like to parallel two ideas that are, in the idea, rather close, but socially, are diametrically opposed. Undermining preconceived ideas and our beliefs are what I do and especially what I write here.

Dream slash lie. A godsend.

It is through enticing titles that we click, buy, take our time to have in our possession the added value that is promised behind. This carrot that is sometimes (too) embellished to generate traffic #clickbait and leaves room for unequivocal disappointment and frustration #DramaQueen. Nevertheless, our creative imagination (and our ego) are just waiting to be stimulated.

And to do so, marketing sells dreams. Ethics will determine its ends. And, in the end, the offer can also really correspond to the teaser speech. 😉

The ethical risks of lying.

Ah, ethics! This impalpable concept that governs our modes of action (not always of thought…) in order to remain politically correct (snoring?). I question these ethics, but it remains nevertheless essential in our acts and words, and even more so in marketing.

We tend to underestimate the power of marketing, and especially the power of words.

But its power is real, otherwise, we wouldn’t be constantly tracking its marketing ROI… #DigitalFirst. Having a powerful ROI is good. An ethical ROI? It’s better. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to lean towards digital-first rather than digital fist… When I say that words are important, I would even say that the letters are all the more important #oopsy. The scope and influence of a lie made up of all the letters is therefore indisputable.

How far are we ready to go to increase our turnover?

The answer to this question lies in your values, whether personal or professional. And although their purposes here are binary, they shouldn’t diverge so much (values are the only subject where digression is not allowed. Let’s stay focused and concise).

A little help to know one’s own values; the Ikigai method. This Japanese method allows us to (re)focus ourselves on our personality, on what moves us, scares us, fascinates us in order to add value to our authentic life path (when did we turn into personal development).

It’s up to me, but this step is crucial to avoid accepting a project that does not correspond to your work ethic, the relay of a discourse that is not in line with your values, or even misleading marketing practices to crush your client portfolio. The key is to ask yourself the right questions and not to be in denial of their answers. Because, as we know, in the movies, it’s often the bad guys who have the power and the wealth because they chose to take shortcuts that aren’t very moral… and the good guys are more modest (the poor girls) but they are in tune with their actions (and their thoughts because they are good guys). And finally, the bad guys are never successful in the long run (scientifically proven by Disney).

The creative stimulation of our brain through dreams.

In reality, the dream is not just a pipe dream. It actually boosts certain areas of our brain, especially the same areas that are directly associated with our creativity (article). Dreaming allows introspection that restores this peaceful state that is far too fickle. This taking a step back which allows us to refocus on what is really important, subjectively of course #MeMyselfAndI.

But to dream, in the sense of imagining ourselves in a kind of alternative reality for a few moments, is to appeal directly to our imagination which “makes films” (we know the routine) and incidentally to our memory. We have here a real jumble of brain activity!

But you don’t need to specify the science to realize that our brain quickly goes into its daydreams when we see a person, a place, a visual, a sentence, a word… Marketing puts all its efforts (and especially its creativity!) to design messages that will make your dream (without making you stand around… #fail. In French, we say the expression “yawn to crows”).

It’s this dream perspective that titillates our emotions so that our memory will remember a message.

And it works perfectly. After all, we’re only modest humans with sensitive hearts, not robots with no sensitivity at all. Dreaming of a perfect life and taking action to achieve it (some people just dream it. Dream your dream. It reminds me of a movie).

Dreaming motivates us, relaxes us, and amuses us. And it’s this magic that marketing brings in its messages as well as it can (it’s sometimes clumsy okay… It’s lying? In that case, marketers need to rethink their copy. C- for all the trouble). Life would be bland without dreams, even though they are not material in a society that swears by them. But it would be hypocritical of me to disavow this new direction towards emotional intelligence, introspection, health, and yoga (even though it has become far too bankable for me lately).

Take a stand in marketing.

So? Is this Ikigai made? I’m going to ramble but we do the marketing that looks like us… So unless I’m a rotten person (but these people are not part of my audience 😎 ), it’s great to open your chakras to be in phase with your words my little buddy (the renowned Toltec Agreements), actions and thoughts (well, we’re not there for the last one on my side… I’m working on it).

To be in agreement with your marketing discourse is also to be in agreement with the processes upstream of the creation of your product.

You know, this famous supply chain, whose steps we are desperately trying to lighten in order to reduce the carbon footprint on an international scale and to reconcile more with ecology in the processes. I’m passionate about this supply chain. I find it so complex but at the same time so meaningful. To be completely transparent about it is a dream come true. However, DNVB has taken up the challenge, it seems to me… to match their words with their actions.

But we are not gullible, because it is too late to take everyone at their word. That’s why this marketing discourse is in total evolution because it now requires proof that this change is evolving in a greener and more ethical dynamic (again). And it is still at this stage that marketing intervenes to make this “due” more creative. Decidedly, it would almost save our asses!

Enough daydreaming, wake up! Life it’s walk or die.

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French Digital Marketing Manager living in Madrid & English Writer about emotions, leadership & marketing. My world’s point of view with a pinch of sarcasm.

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French Digital Marketing Manager living in Madrid & English Writer about emotions, leadership & marketing. My world’s point of view with a pinch of sarcasm.

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