How do you deal with Business Agility?

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Business agility, ambidextrous leader, agile method…

So many terms to speak of a growing expectation for flexibility in our frenzy professional world. Faced with an inconstant and changing market but also an increasingly rigorous competition, being agile has become a must-have.

How can you deal with an alert mindset on a daily basis in the long run ?

Everything is about optimization.

In a capitalist environment led by a thirst for growth, monitoring figures has become the new reality in every business.

Having clear, succinct, and transparent data is crucial for judging whether or not an offer and the whole company are in good financial health.

Hence the rise of Data Scientists, Analysts, and all those data-oriented jobs. For a young decade, this requirement has been found in marketing, which has gradually evolved towards digital marketing, with the calculation of ROI and ROAS.

Having an eye on those sacred figures is great, but the challenge lies in its constant optimization.

Lines of code for analysts, spreadsheets for marketers, so many tools to optimize spending, profitability, time, coffee, morning shower…

Optimization has become a mantra, a philosophy of life and perhaps the reason for some burnouts. And for optimized optimization, agility is required.

The apogee of autonomy.

Well-being in the workplace takes pride of place on the podium of articles regarding corporate management. Although autonomy is valued, management plays an important role in the recruitment process. Management can both make employees grow, lead them to real professional fulfillment, but it can also trap them in a dictatorial vicious circle.

If the customer is king, the human should be the king first.

Putting the aspirations of your team at the center of your preoccupations while carrying out large-scale projects is what management requires today.

This agility is sometimes completely out of the reality of what a person can accomplish in the allocated working time. Although numbers are the trunk of a business’s survival, the human remains definitely the roots of it. Let’s be careful not to become bad people with a (too big) thirst for thriving…

Slashing job: the new f(r)ame.

The Slasher profession. A new term among the burgeoning neologisms of the 21st century.

The way of accumulating as many jobs as personalities we have.

This schizophrenic tendency proves to be the perfect compromise between a job for a living and a job of passion.

The essence of agility lies in exploiting this multipotential character wisely.

Either for oneself, selfishly, for one’s own personal fulfillment which remains in the accumulation of knowledge and skills in fields considered too scattered. We spread out in order to find ourselves in a better way. The key is to understand the guiding thread of this “slashing” personality around which strong and unshakeable values revolve.

But this agility in accumulating jobs is also for others.

Altruistically, we appreciate sharing around us (showing off then) this knowledge that we learnt. And we transformed it into an added value of our own, with our soul.

Spreading knowledge.


Embodying several potentials that make sense in one person, it is in this madness that business agility lies.

Basically, the agility of personality is the new mindset.

At this point, one wonders what the future of business agility will be. Will AI have its place in this trendy mindset? Will continuous optimization remain the commodity of our time? Is the business world going to focus on increasing business agility, or is it going to focus more on mental agility for personal and professional growth? So many questions and even more possible answers.

Who knows, maybe the AI will get the answers before we do…

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French Digital Marketing Manager living in Madrid & English Writer about emotions, leadership & marketing. My world’s point of view with a pinch of sarcasm.

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French Digital Marketing Manager living in Madrid & English Writer about emotions, leadership & marketing. My world’s point of view with a pinch of sarcasm.

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