My tips for learning several languages in a particular context.

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I’m not the passive type. And if you are reading this, neither are you.

However, the various restrictions and confinements comforted us a little in a new and unusual daily life where passivity was waiting for us, patiently.

Although we all, more or less, fell into this chill trap in…

And how to stop this sadistic mental game.

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I could be called an expert on the subject, really.

Making movies. Inventing future scenarios from a shaky present.

We invent a frightening sequel, which seems logical to us, based on purely subjective perception. In spite of ourselves, we lock ourselves into our mental straitjacket.

Our hypothetical future seems so…

Put your actions in line with your ambition.

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These criticisms. These opinions. They impact us much more than we would like to see. Whether they come from our loved ones, our peers, or famous strangers, we receive these criticisms and we ingest them without ever really digesting them. And this, sometimes for the rest of our lives.


And “I don’t care” is just denial.

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And finally, would we really like to ignore it?

Let’s play the game for a moment. If opinion no longer mattered, we would certainly rejoice in freedom without borders. Let’s try to see this dimension in several aspects.

Let’s dive into a world without judgment.

In the friendly sphere.

Would we really be able…

Essential but not a priority quality.

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When I think of a leader, I often think of charismatic people who have the capacity (a kind of power in the end) to guide a group and to make them adhere to his or their ideas. …

When you’ve been ghosted both on a sentimental and professional level.

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Bad time for dating. Bad time to find work.

It is what it is.

And because I am an optimistic person, I won’t blame the world to put me in that position (even if it clearly plays a sneaky role, damn it). We know the current exogenous facts like our…

Let’s listen again to the conscience that knows us perfectly

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Intuition has never been so important in a crisis context #welcomepandemic. But it has also never been so uncertain. It became more difficult to cross intuition with reason to make up our minds. Complicated to bring this intuition to the fore with the uncertainty of current exogenous facts in the…

And why are we so receptive to it?

Indifference and attraction.
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Don’t lie. We all did it.

To immerse ourselves in this toxic relationship that mixes passivity and selflessness. This latency affects us so much.

I like to draw a parallel between Love and the professional world. I find that there are some similarities at times. Don’t you think so

Indifference as a challenge.


50 of no shade

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In a binary world, a question could only be answered favorably or unfavorably. No more full-time I-speak-a-lot-but-I-do-nothing-concrete people!

No nuance. The apology of pragmatism.

What would a fully pragmatic life be like?

Sometimes I dream of a world where I am answered simply, clearly, and with concrete and tangible arguments. Vague and paradoxical answers would be banished.


And to feel credible in this position

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If like me, you don’t like conflict but find it necessary, I hope you will find yourself in these lines.

Because from my young life experience, I know that repressing states of mind is neither good for ourselves (whether in terms of mental or physical health), nor for the people…


French Digital Marketing Manager living in Madrid & English Writer about emotions, leadership & marketing. My world’s point of view with a pinch of sarcasm.

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