Essential but not a priority quality.

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When I think of a leader, I often think of charismatic people who have the capacity (a kind of power in the end) to guide a group and to make them adhere to his or their ideas. All in a dynamic of sharing and listening of course (otherwise one turns on the concept of the sect… But we won’t polemic on this here).

In reality, I think a lot about the speakers at the . These people tell us thrilling stories in a limpid way that we hang on their lips. That’s also how I see leaders.

But it…

When you’ve been ghosted both on a sentimental and professional level.

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Bad time for dating. Bad time to find work.

It is what it is.

And because I am an optimistic person, I won’t blame the world to put me in that position (even if it clearly plays a sneaky role, damn it). We know the current exogenous facts like our dear healthy crisis that impact both the economical field and people’s mental health. No need to speak for decades about it (the media do it graciously in our place).

My life review at this period of time.

I may be optimistic, but my perspective is not as optimistic as I would have liked.

Let me give you an…

Let’s listen again to the conscience that knows us perfectly

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Intuition has never been so important in a crisis context #welcomepandemic. But it has also never been so uncertain. It became more difficult to cross intuition with reason to make up our minds. Complicated to bring this intuition to the fore with the uncertainty of current exogenous facts in the background. And yet…

It is in these moments of insecurity that it is essential to stick ourselves at the famous “why”. We can simply think about:

  • The meaning behind the setting up of your business,
  • The values attached to it.
  • That’s what keeps your personality authentic.

It is (too) easy…

And why are we so receptive to it?

Indifference and attraction.
Indifference and attraction.
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Don’t lie. We all did it.

To immerse ourselves in this toxic relationship that mixes passivity and selflessness. This latency affects us so much.

I like to draw a parallel between Love and the professional world. I find that there are some similarities at times. Don’t you think so?

Indifference as a challenge.

Whether we like it or not, it turns out that we are somewhat dependent on this indifference. Because somewhere, it is as if it is a challenge to be taken up.

We persist in proving to the other (to ourselves?) that we are really worthwhile and that he or she must…

50 of no shade

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In a binary world, a question could only be answered favorably or unfavorably. No more full-time I-speak-a-lot-but-I-do-nothing-concrete people!

No nuance. The apology of pragmatism.

What would a fully pragmatic life be like?

Sometimes I dream of a world where I am answered simply, clearly, and with concrete and tangible arguments. Vague and paradoxical answers would be banished.

Sometimes I dream of a “you’re not right for the job” rather than a “the recruitment process can take weeks” (which is actually already over, we deeply know that). We know this technique to be on hand in case the lucky candidate withdraws. It is assumed that people are available forever.

And to feel credible in this position

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If like me, you don’t like conflict but find it necessary, I hope you will find yourself in these lines.

Because from my young life experience, I know that repressing states of mind is neither good for ourselves (whether in terms of mental or physical health), nor for the people involved in the debate.

So I focused on how to manage these conflicts rather than running away from them.

Because running away from conflict is to deny the possibilities of solutions that arise from it.

Here is my point of view on people who take on the role of mediator…

Praise of our own self-fulfillment.

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Long before I knew Medium, I was already writing. My entourage gave me a certain credibility thanks to their admiration and encouragement on my writing lines. When you are a child, that has an undeniable value. I mainly wrote fiction, at times that I liked to find in my favorite films and books. I was inspired by déjà vu.

But we all start there, don’t we?

Then the Internet grew, and as a full-fledged Millennial, I did indeed experience the beginnings of the Internet.

Knowledge through scrolls. …

Concepts that are contrary or identical? The apology of motivation.

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We are so weak sometimes. We don’t talk enough about this laziness, this destructive scourge, and in particular the partisan of self-sabotage (but what would our life be without a pinch of drama, really). And it’s to this spreading laziness that we take malicious pleasure in adorning it with excuses to reduce the growing guilt attached to it. We embellish it; we double our efforts to prove laziness is right.

Is there a difference between “excuse” and “reason”? Yes, fundamentally.

Excuse feeds on denial, reason feeds on itself.

The reason is simply self-sufficient. Needless to say, excuses are often followed…

To find ourselves in the tracking of our own performance.

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Lenin Estrada from Unsplash

They intrigue us, fascinate us, watch us #Googlebot, scare us… It is behind this flood of questions, emotions, and preconceived ideas that robots hide. Sorry to disappoint you, but the time when robots were made of scrap metal is over (hi Wall-E, ahead of our time regarding lifestyle but not in design. We still hope that Sissi Mua’s fitness tutorials will prevent us from this fatality on our ability to walk). I will confess that pragmatically, the robots that interest me are those that are impalpable, visible (and readable) only through a few lines of code.

Finally, the interest is…

A contemporary bipolarity that advocates the ephemeral.

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Delfi de la Rua from .

Have you noticed it too? Or is it only me who is stuck in my observations fed by my own experiences and thoughts?

The more I move with my time, the more I notice a soaring penchant for sudden (and excessive) interest in an activity, a project, or even a person. An interest that turns out to be of very short duration. No sooner is the adrenaline popping than the disinterest takes over, gradually.

As if our curiosity had programmed obsolescence.

So this is the 21st century? To constantly lose interest in our environment and the people around us? And…


French Digital Marketing Manager living in Madrid & English Writer about emotions, leadership & marketing. My world’s point of view with a pinch of sarcasm.

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