My tips for learning several languages in a particular context.

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We desperately need challenges, challenges, projects, and goals to feel fulfilled.

And how to stop this sadistic mental game.

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Put your actions in line with your ambition.

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And “I don’t care” is just denial.

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In the friendly sphere.

Essential but not a priority quality.

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When you’ve been ghosted both on a sentimental and professional level.

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My life review at this period of time.

Let’s listen again to the conscience that knows us perfectly

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  • The meaning behind the setting up of your business,
  • The values attached to it.
  • That’s what keeps your personality authentic.

And why are we so receptive to it?

Indifference and attraction.
Indifference and attraction.
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Indifference as a challenge.

50 of no shade

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What would a fully pragmatic life be like?

And to feel credible in this position

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Because running away from conflict is to deny the possibilities of solutions that arise from it.


French Digital Marketing Manager living in Madrid & English Writer about emotions, leadership & marketing. My world’s point of view with a pinch of sarcasm.

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